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you know what’s great? when you’re having a super lousy day, and you decide the best thing for your foul mood is a walk. and you go to the nature-ish path near your house, and within ten seconds, you’ve managed to slip on some mud and fall spectacularly on your knee. with witnesses.

yeah, friday was a great day. i’m not even joking about the ten seconds. i wish this bruise would photograph well.


so, it’s been a not-great week and change. if you’ve been playing the home game, you know that last week, i took miz ophelia to the emergency room vet, where they poked holes in her and gave her a boost of blood. she’s still doing well. on wednesday, the vet called to tel me that she has lymphoblastic leukemia. which is a type of bone marrow cancer. so, that’s bad. but, she’s still on my list of favorite things. and now, she’s pretty much allowed to do whatever she flippin’ wants. it’s a house rule i have – if you get cancer, you get your way. so, she’s been sleeping under the sheets sometimes, and drinking right out of my glass when it suits her. and eating crackers. which i don’t feel bad about, because they’re the annie’s organic bunny crackers. those can’t possibly be bad for her.

it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it, yeah

it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it, yeah

she really likes the dirty jobs dvds.

i’ve nearly finished knitting a pair of socks. which is not a big deal by itself. but, considering that i started the first sock this past monday, and i’m a few inches from completing the second sock here on sunday, it’s a fast set.

it reminds me of stained glass windows

it reminds me of stained glass windows

i can’t show you the whole sock, because they’re a gift, and i’m not entirely convinced the recipient doesn’t read the blog. but they’re cool, and i wish they were my size.

seriously, it looks like a muppet to me

seriously, it looks like a muppet to me

i discovered what can only be the single ugliest scarf i’ve ever tried to make. i stuffed it away a while back, and i found it today. it’s so not my style.

like i eviscerated a muppet and put my head through it

like i eviscerated a muppet and put my head through it

i mean, as a scarf it’s not my style. clearly, i enjoy the idea of it being some kind of accessory.

this gives me the desire to swig vodka

this gives me the desire to swig vodka

or prop.


doctor who screening 191207

i’m not the kind of girl that has crushes on movie stars. i tend to reserve myself for television actors, apparently. and not only do i find david tennant’s version of dr who to be amusingly cheeky, i have a desire to get the TARDIS tattooed on my person. if you don’t follow dr who (and really… what’s wrong with you that you don’t?), the TARDIS is that police box the guy’s standing in front of. it’s really a time-and-space travel machine.

i kinda want one in the backyard.

thanks for stopping by.


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i’m sitting on the floor. the floor of the terminal. the terminal in sacramento, california. shoes off, for reasons that escape me. and my plane, which was supposed to be leaving in about 45 minutes (i’m totally one of those people that insist on getting to the airport at least an hour early, because i’ve nearly missed my plane enough times to be neurotic about it), is now not gonna leave for almost double that.

thank christ and the airport authority for the wifi. i loathe hurrying up to wait, i tell you what.

so, i was just visiting my parents for thanksgiving. and usually, i try to have a list of things to be thankful for. this year, they seem to revolve around not living near my parents. and also? i’m thankful i brought a couple of the knitting projects to occupy my hands.

anyway. while i try not to chew my own leg off here on the floor, i bring to you a quick list of crazy:

  • while my dad has been pulling his own teeth instead of going to the dentist, my mom’s are naturally falling out. i wish i were making that up. my dad’s missing teeth are all on the upper level, while my mom’s are on the lower level. it’s kinda cute how they’re sorta a matched set.
  • all flights are delayed, it seems. one of the check-in dudes at the gate is doing a spontaneous karaoke. he is getting thunderous applause.
  • i’ve been with my folks for the last six days. they live in the middle of freaking nowhere. it’s almost culture shock to see more than three people in one room here.
  • i’m possibly the only person here not wearing jeans.
  • both of my folks’ dogs are rescues. they were both found on the side of the road, pretty close to starved. the smaller dog, whom i believe to be a pekingese, barks constantly at anyone who is not my parents. animals usually love me, but these two are understandably guarded in regards to anyone who is not – or are not – my parents. hey, guess who isn’t my parents?
  • i got to drive a tractor. strangely, there are no photos of this event.
  • saw lots of jackrabbits. and was amused to learn that the woodpeckers around here think my parents’ house is pretty tasty.
  • my mom is still stoned 24/7, thanks for asking.
  • six days with a yapper dog planted outside my bedroom door makes me long for the relative quiet of my regular digs, complete with loud, annoying, and odoriferous boys on the rampage. last night, yapper barked for nearly two hours.
  • pumpkin cheesecake is awesome.

still and all, there’s no place like home. let’s hope i get there sometime tonight, eh?

happy belated holiday, and thanks for stopping by.

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so, this morning i got into a minor hissy fit/ argument with a nurse about some protocol or other. at one point, i clamped my hands over my ears and said something like, “ack! ack! you’re killing my brain! stoppit!”

the other nurse laughed pretty hard, but the one i was talking to was less that thrilled.

so! in that same spirit, we have… a list of things that seriously annoy me. to be followed by a list of things that are distilled happiness.

ack! ack!

  • tailgaters. not the footballer types, but the ones that drive so close to your bumper, you can see their nose hairs. this is totally bad, and possibly illegal, but i slam on the brakes when people get too close to the rear end of my car. just saying.
  • people who waste my time. this is a work gripe, actually. a few days ago, i was on one of the inpatient floors to draw blood from three patients. a 20-minute task took nearly an hour because the nursing staff just couldn’t pull their collective head out their collective ass. it also annoys me when you have a scheduled appointment somewhere, and you end up waiting 20 minutes or more. this especially ticks me off when i show up a few minutes early for something, and i’m still made to wait. i mean, sure, i have knitting in my purse almost all the time, but dude… i have other places to be.
  • since the beginning of april, we’ve had about four days of sun. i don’t mind the snow/ sleet/ hail/ wintry mix that is weather in portland. i moved here for seasons and all. but, you know what? i’d like to see some blue sky every so often. and i don’t think i’m being unreasonable. i don’t need a heat wave. i’d just like the temperature to get higher that 65F, you know?
  • anyone that drives a hummer vehicle. seriously, do you poop hundred-dollar bills? and hey, way to screw the environment!
  • along with the oversized SUV issue…people who can’t park their enormous vehicles properly. to be more specific, people who park their expeditons exactly six inches from the driver side door of my car. way to go, nutsack. maybe next time you can leave me a can opener, so i can get into my car.

mmm… bacon.

  • random cards in the mail. i love opening the mail, and laughing out loud. you know, at things that aren’t bills.
  • the movie ironman. it won’t change your life. but it’s shiny and fun and… okay, it’s robert downey, jr. looking all sweaty and metallic.
  • the way my cat smells when she’s sleeping. do all animals have a comforting smell they give off while they slumber? i just want to bury my face in her belly.
  • the satifying popping sensation i feel when i get into a tiny vein. truly, best thing ever. this is why patients have started calling me ‘the vein whisperer’. awesome.
  • knitting. blogging. it’s too bad i don’t have an extra pair of hands, to do both at once.
  • pictures. of which i have… er… none.

we have movie and book shortlists coming later this week. woo!

and, thanks for stopping by.

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a while back, we had a third roommate at my house. he smelled pretty bad, and had really messed up teeth. and he always said, “i’m all over it,” which meant that whatever he was all over, wasn’t going to get done.

which has nothing to do with anything, really. but it does prepare you for the sheer randomness of this post. which is a list. because i love to make lists.

  • i have nightmares about snakes in cages. i don’t know what this means, because the ol’ dream dictionary is in a box in the garage. and i’m just too lazy to look it up online, or at the library or something. but seriously, snakes. in cages. they’re really aggressive, and usually they bite me. and i know it’s a dream the whole time, but it still sends me into a raging panic. i wake up kicking at a pillow, usually, or falling out of bed trying to get away from these snakes. the dream happens two or more times each week. and, in general? anything without shoulders kind of creeps me out.
  • what’s the difference between a tam and a beret? i have this pattern for a knitted tam. and i started making said tam a day or two ago. and now that i’ve gotten a good look at what the final product should look like, i don’t really see how it’s different from a beret. i mean, yes. i get that a tam is descended from the highlands, while a beret is more from the croissants (supposed to be funny, but hey – i have off days). and this pattern is not necessarily related to scottish or irish heritage. the motif on the tam is actually from the inuit peoples. which don’t wear tams or berets, as far as i know. it just makes me curious, is all.
  • have you ever seen that show, how clean is your house, on the BBC channel thingy? i happened to have the television on while knitting on the damn tam (i think that’s what i’m gonna call it from now on), and it happened to be on. wow jesus – that’s disgusting. the other show that’s on with it, you are what you eat, is a little on the ewside, also. but… okay. so these two british ladies converge on someone’s dirty and unkempt house, and clean it top to bottom. but dudes. how do people live like that? with trash everywhere, and mold on every flat surface? it so nasty. i’m not a neat freak by any means. but i don’t have rubbish in knee-deep drifts in the kitchen. although it does remind me of one of the great design features of english houses, the laundry washer/ dryer in the kitchen. i just love that.
  • spokane sucked the life force right outta me. not only did i take exactly three pictures while there, i just had no energy. seriously. all i wanted to do was lay next to the heater and nap. except that the heater would occasionally blow cold air. you know, for fun. meh. i did, however, get to visit a friend or two while in spokane, not to mention an uncle that had moved there recently. and i got to visit with my mom’s folks on the way back home. and, yeah. my grandfather is going senile. it’s not alzheimer’s, but it’s just as frustrating. on the bright side…
  • … it now takes me about four days to knit a sock. you know, in one-hour increments. i have more thoughts on the sock for later, after its partner is done.
  • what happened on the 13th? i find this totally amusing. on december 13th, i had zero blog visitors. every other day, i had between 20 and 50. was the 13th the day of jesus conception or something? was there some sporting event? maybe that was international ‘step away from the innernets’ day. who knows.
  • i am now drooling in my sleep. sexy! but it’s something i’ve noticed. and it’s getting really bad. i’m sure i’ve been doing this awhile, but i’ve only recently noticed evidence. see, usually i sleep on my side, or flat on my face. and i have the fabulous contoured pillow, so my chin isn’t buried in my chest. and yet, when i wake up? a golf-ball sized wet spot has appeared on my shirt. usually on the right side. so… i don’t know. maybe i’m spitting on myself in my sleep. maybe the snake dreams are causing me to fling saliva onto my shirt. maybe i’ve developed a bizarre sweat disorder just below the collarbone.
  • not to brag, but i have a really comfortable bed. it’s something i notice when i don’t get to sleep in it every day. i shoulda taken my pillow when we went to spokane, but i decided i would rough it. and i slept badly. when i got home tuesday night, i couldn’t wait to go to bed. and i slept for seven hours straight. which i nearly never get to do. so, my bed is awesome. the electric blanket doesn’t hurt, either.

and that’s all i got for you today. the next few days are going to be a bit crazy, what with me talking to the clinical site to nail down my externship hours for the next two months and running about having papers signed. i’m not complaining. sure, it will totally suck, and i will be exhausted on an even deeper level than i am now. but i’ll do what i must to get what i want. and i want a daytime job, dammit.

anyway. thanks for stopping by.

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so, hi.

okay, i’m rather sleepy, and the gym beckons. i must go to the gym. and… uh… i really shouldn’t be typing, because the cat clawed open my index finger the other night (cheeky little hussy). so, a quick little update:

  • nearly finished my knee socks. then i noticed one was about five inches longer than the other. so, a-frogging i will go monday afternoon.
  • met queenie, she of the comments. she is fabulous. and really pretty. i hope i didn’t make a bad impression.
  • saw beowulf. dude, i didn’t know it was animated. like, how final fantasy is animated. huh. that’s all i can think of to say about it right now.
  • reading a really funny book about music. with the longest footnotes ever. review in a day or two.
  • went to the knitting movie night. saw ‘jewel of the nile’. dudes… remember when michael douglas had a neck? and didn’t look like some shell-less turtle?
  • was sideswiped by some lovely noro yarn. bought it on a whim, and i’m now into my second glove/ mitt thingy. oh man, the colors are amazing. and it’s wolly warm goodness.
  • did you know that sharks are afraid of dolphins? oh, the things i learn by watching mythbusters.

that’s all i got for now. the air conditioner’s on right now, and i’m in danger of freezing my nose hairs to the insides of my snout.

but thanks for stopping by.

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hey! you like lists? me too!

(it’s been a looooong series of hours over here at badrabbyt headquarters. midterm next week, sausage festival saturday. fan mail! laundry still sitting in the dryer, i’ve just now realized. and, where the hell did october go?) (oh, and happy halloween.)

ahem. anyway… that google. he’s so funny. and google is totally a guy. a whipped guy, to be sure. i mean, he brings you nearly everything you’ve ever asked for, and a boatload of stuff you never knew existed. and some stuff… well. there are some truly dirty minds out there. and not in a sexy way. like, ew, michael jackson dirty.

  • et funny – who knew? this same search came up a couple different times, with spelling and punctuation variations. and actually, when i mentioned a copyright infringement a few weeks back? anyway, i found my et picture (go check the flickr) slapped on more than one message board by some random bastards. and it pissed me off for various reasons, the major one being the whole stealing-my-stuff issue. so, if you absolutely must wrangle one of my pictures, ask. the email is right up there. i read the comments. or else i’m going to have to go back to swearing like a trucker.
  • my calves – are people talking about my calves when i’m not looking? seriously – it’s bad enought that i can’t buy a pair of proper knee-high boots because my calves seem to think we’re trying to be rambo or something. does sylvester stallone have big calves? maybe i’m thinking of ahnold. anyway, they’re very muscular, and kinda on the big side. thanks, moutain bike, you ass! it would appear that from atop my neck, they look huge. in pictures involving my knitted socks, not so much. i can’t believe people use the google for that kind of retardedness.
  • pussy shot – yes, this is my own doing. the gratuitious pussy shots, featuring my cat, ophelia. i’m actually thrilled this is getting people here. ha! google for such vernacular, peep a kitten. that’s the rule.
  • expired nyquil – again, one of those things that will not die. nyquil that is past its prime will make you high under the right conditions. and don’t read alice in wonderland while partaking.
  • breastasaurus – what’s mind-numbing about this is, i think i actually use this phrase to describe women i see at bars and shows about town that are exposing too much. and yes, there is such a thing as too much. when i can see your areolas, it’s time to don a muumuu. i’m just saying, is all. or… is that you, cecil? you know that’s not a real dinosaur, right?
  • cheeto from the past – this is a sly way of saying puke, isn’t it?
  • creeeepy – not just creepy. i guess the google takes the extra vowels into account? oh, the google says, you don’t want the garden variety creepy, you want uber-creepy? i got you covered. go check on the midget over yonder. the one with the red hair. and the rabbyt thing. i mean, i spell it like that sometimes. but still.
  • do- – do, what? see, again i worry about the poor googler that became involved in a terrible threshing accident or something, before they could finish their quest. the quest for… dorks? dookie? doorknobs? so many unanswered questions!
  • hibiscus tattoo – i don’t know where this came from. there was the hibiscus flower picture, and i have a tattoo. two things related only by the fact that it’s my skin, and i took the flower picture while on vacation. i’m actually just thrilled that it’s spelled correctly.
  • ruby slippers – oh, man. i covet the ruby slippers. i was considering dressing up as dorothy for halloween this year, but i had to forget about it when i realized i had no ruby slippers. and further, i did not have time to make a pair. but dude… i want some ruby slippers. i feel your pain. there’s no place like home. at least there, the heater works. here, the air conditioning is on. it’s shenanigans, i tell you.
  • cracks of butts – when i saw this, i thought to myself, someone should spackle that bastard closed. i have a friend that thinks the word ‘spackle’ is hysterically funny. she laughs every time anyone says it. so… spackle spackle spackle that crackle. or, you know, pull up your pants.
  • drunk asleep puke – does this involve the cheeto from the past? are y’all related? in all seriousness, i think i was at that party. anyone that went to college was at that party. or was in the dorm room next to that party. same thing. and also in seriousness, when someone passes out from drinking too much? flip them over on their stomach. that way, when they do puke in their sleep (and they will, sparky. all over your absorbent couch), they don’t choke on their own vomit. or tongue.
  • elephant humping – again, it will not die. you want to see elephants get frisky? go to the goddamn zoo during mating season. or watch animal planet. speaking of the zoo, did you know that giraffes have tongues that are nearly black? and they try to lick people that get close enough? i was in a behind-the-scenes area of the zoo, and the giraffe maybe thought i looked tasty?
  • frenc- – this was a tragic croissant accident. caused by the threshing accident mentioned above. it’s been a sad and bloody month.

but thanks for stopping by!

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again, the title has nothing to do with anything. it’s a line in a song i’ve been humming to myself on and off for a few days now. no, there’s no contest to see if anyone can place it. but it’s a badass song.


that last post was a bit of a bummer, eh? old people losing their memory, slightly less old people smoking enough pot to lost their memory quickly. and… i’ve been working bits of overtime here and there. between bouts of schooling. of which i am halfway through, save the clinical craziness to happen in january. and a big exam happening next week. what’s that? you’d like to read a list? i’m happy to oblidge!

  • i finally got my mom to admit that she’d like me to make her a pair of socks for christmas. and my dad would also like a pair. boot socks. dark colors, to hide the dirt and whatnot. i am seriously considering knitting her a shotgun cozy. because i think it would be funny.
  • speaking of socks, there’s a sock yarn sale happening the second weekend of november. and since i’m actually going to need sock yarn to comply with my folks, i’m planning on buying a sack o’ yarn.
  • speaking of weekends, i think i’m going to something called a ‘sausage festival’. no, it is not a gathering of mostly men. it’s an actual festival of sausage, where there’s drinking at a gun club, some kind of weird dinner thing, and… uh… i’ve been asked to wear my chicken hat. did i mention i don’t have a date for this shindig? yes. good times. a girl in a chicken hat, going stag to a sausage festival. that sentence makes me laugh.
  • speaking of laugh (the segues are cracking me up, anyway), my cat woke herself up snoring this afternoon. she then gave me this truly hateful look. something like, i know you’re responsible for this.
  • and with no link to anything else i’ve yet mentioned, i ate a lot of wasabi peas a few minutes ago. they have a lot of wasabi on them. my eyes were tearing up, with all the spicy/ tangy/ whatever. the good news is, my sinuses are clear.
  • i really want a pedicure.
  • i’ve accomplished quite a bit of knitting, but haven’t been at home long enough to take pictures and download them. and… i just suck in general. my ravelry account looks so sad. but flickr’s hopping!
  • i now have a looooong wish list of stuff i want to make. a pair of folk mittens, this fabulous cabled sweater thinger i saw one someone else’s site. i’m requesting the pattern book from the library to see if it’s something i can wrangle. my goal – and this is why i bring up the cute-as-hell mittens and the sweater to being with – is to have my unfinished knitting be totally finished by the end of the year, save for any socks i happen to have going, because they’re crack and since i only have one pair at a time, they don’t truly count. whew – evil run-on sentences. but, i’m well on my way to making that happen. it could be a real, like, event!
  • i did wrangle from cecil that new year’s involves leaving the state. and that i’m driving. and that… i may need to take a few days off. curiouser and curiouser…
  • i had a great massage on saturday. it was odd, in a way. the therapist lady left the need to inform me that she was a lesbian, and if i had a problem with that she’d be happy to hand me over to someone else. dude, i totally dont’ care which way you swing. just rub my ass. wow… i sound like my cat.

and so on. but now, i think there’s some cheese popcorn that needs to be eaten. i haven’t been eating enough the last few days, and maybe it’s catching up to me.

but hey! thanks for stopping by.

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