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and i know you know about cebu. they’re the masterminds of this piece of art:

i am in awe of these guys. and naturally, they are/ were big fans of michael jackson. now, say what you will about mikey, but he was talented before he was a loopy dude that lived in neverland. i’m not slapping this up to discuss michael jackson. he was the schiznit when i was in third grade, and he had that crazy 3-D video thinger in disneyland back in the day. and eventually, we’ll remember his talent over his laundry list of weird.

anyway. cebu has a final jackson dance for us:

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being exposed to me has its good points and bad points.

first, i have to expose you to the original version of mahna mahna.

it’s one of those things most people have heard, or seen, or somehow been exposed to. it’s also something i say at work. well, mahna mahna, i’ll say. a co-worker might chime in with that do doo do do do chorus, or people might look at me funny. like that’s going to stop me.

but one guy i work with – we’ll call him the chicken man, because he has himself quite a few chickens – is apparently easy to imprint. it had already been a crazy day. he sat down next to me, just as i was saying mahna mahna. he sang do doo do do do, and then kept going with the rest of the song. we laughed about it, saying, wow, that probably the quickest song-getting-stuck-in-the-head ever. then we all go home.

a few hours later, i get this text on my cell phone:

Monomunop do do do do do/ Monomunop DO DOO DOO DOO DOO

it made me laugh so hard. i text him back: i win!! i am the awesome!! he responds with:


it’s nice to have someone agree on your awesome standing. anyway, i only see this guy a few times a week. yesterday – monday – i do it to him again. he tells me that mahna mahna can be cancelled out by singing the theme song to “the greatest american hero“. which we do for awhile. and then we al go home.

once more, a few hours later i get a text (spelling issues are his):

OMG YOUR GOING TO HELL WITH ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS! Munominop do do do do do Munominop!  OMG LOL

my response: dude, i have a condo in hell, already paid for. it’s on the nice side of the lake of fire! he says:

i will pick you up in a limo when you FINALLY ARRIVE!! YOUR RAD!!

he’s very excitable, the chicken man is. but i do have a heart. i went to youtube, and found that link for the greatest american hero. i text him back: i found the cure on youtube. the greatest american hero will save you!

chicken man says:


this is what phlebotomists do in their free time.

thanks for stopping by. do do do do

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five points if you can guess the song the above title is humming.


i’m kinda in love with fort minor, which is fronted by the guy that did the rapping and piano stuff in linkin park. i don’t like linkin park at all, but i’m thrilled with what the dude is doing now.  in particular, i’m addicted to the song, remember the name. it’s a great song, but the audio dubbing on that video is kinda crappe.

that disc is right before pj harvey’s to bring you my love in my car’s cd changer. i’m nothing if not eclectic. seriously? one of my favorite songs of all freaking time is the dancer. it doesn’t matter how many times i hear it, i get chills.

also? i adore common. and the song i hum to myself most often is drivin’ me wild. besides, how can you not love a video that features lily allen in a spacesuit?

which is all a way of saying, i’ve been insanely busy, and have been neglecting my seven readers. take heart, my schedule will straighten out after this week is through.

until then, carry a big fish for the rude people. and, thanks for stopping by.

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weakest. snap. ever.

remember when i wrote this post? and said that madonna needed to maybe keep her friggin’ pants on?


i was getting a pedicure today – because i’m so girlie and high-maintenance – and i saw in one of the gossip mags there that madonna and guy ritchie are getting a divorce. and there’s hints of a fling with some baseballer.

so, um, i was right. madonna does need to keep her pants on.

oh, and while we’re at it, madonna? could you maybe give guy richie his balls back? surely you can have your own set carved out of brass. or steel. you know, to match your heart.

just saying. and no groaning. the title warned you this was the worst snap ever.

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so, as some of you know, i watch the music channels when i’m at the gym. and… well, madonna freaks me right out.

exhibit the one: four minutes. which i rather like as a song. and this video is visually interesting.


i saw this video right after four minutes, and i have a question. madonna, you’re a mom and a grown-up. can you please keep your damn pants on? don’t make me come over there with duct tape.

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black & decker blowtorch?

best lyric to get stuck in my head this week:

“ive got a sister making babies with a black & decker blowtorch”

video here. it’s the red hot chili peppers. for old(er) guys, they can still rock.

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so, i think i might need to make a general statement:

i am tired, y’all.

it’s a general type of exhaustion. but i’ve been the walking dead for the last month. and really, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. i blame the 60+ hours a week i’ve been working. that’s it, really. well, that and graveyard has officially begun to suck ass.

i don’t know if you folks remember this, but almost a year ago, hospital a announced a bunch of layoffs. and i was all blase about it, largely because i’m not really fire-able. now, i work for a non-profit, and funding is a big deal every year. and this year, hospital a lost a bunch of their funding for the next fisical year. which means, less community outreach, clinics are being forced to shut down, and some jobs are being eliminated.

my current job, however, is not one of them. because, as i said, i’m kind of un-fire-able. still. however, the financial craziness that has gripped my curent employer means that i may not be able to get a job in the lab, which was my original plan. and even if i do get a job in the lab, it puts me on the bottom of the seniority pile. and… fire-able.

anyway. friday afternoon, the administration at hospital b – my clinical site – had strongly suggested that i formally apply for a position in their lab. i’ve done the research on them, and they are also a non-profit. their employees seem to like working there. blah blah blah. so, while i’m kind of depressed about maybe having to leave hospital a, it’s nice to know that hospital b loves me, and is prepared to go steady and all.

and graveyard had been sucking not because of the hours. it sucks because i work with people who are freakishly concerned that their jobs are going to be eliminated. and, to be honest, i’m tired of reassuring them otherwise. i mean, it can’t be changed, so why worry about it? and, if i may be brutally honest – we were told last year that there may be more layoffs the next year, and we should use this time to make ourselves more valuable, or whatever you’d like to call it. the people who are bitching about more layoffs? they’ve done dick to assure that they’ll have a job the next time a crunch comes. am i being an irrational bitch? maybe. but really. it’s like… it’s like knowing the weather forecast calls for snow, and wearing shorts anyway. and not carrying chains for your car.

i can’t stand it when people are so damn passive about these kind of things. yeah, i’m the queen of passive in a lot of ways. but i try not to complain about it when my passivity bites me in the ass. i chose this for myself, you know?

argh. really. 

and, i mentioned the being tired? i went out friday night, and was kind of a blank slate. normally, i’m a lot more animated where music is involved. but i just couldn’t swing a lot of energy excertion.

not even for these guys.


dr theopolis. who are totally my favorites. even when they’re blurry (and on purpose, too, since i opted to not roll with the flash). it was a little bit weird to begin with, the whole show/ evening. yeah, tickets were a bit pricey ($25 in advance, and somewhere near $30 at the door), but it was all for a great cause. which, according to some of the guys in the band (see, i was totally listening, ez), was not real publicized. it was a mardi gras theme, and the people putting it on were looking to raise money for new orleans, and rebuilding. which, like, five people seemed to know. so, not a lot of people showed up. queenie and i had a good time. even though i probably looked like i just wanted to lie down, i was glad to be there, and even more thrilled to wear queenie’s mask as a hat.

and i may have knocked a guy up with my patella. but maybe you just had to be there for that.

oh, and i apparently caught a few more self portraits. most of which are much darker than this, and look fine on my monitor. but i realize not all monitors are created equal, and so i’ve lightened this one quite a bit.


and i love strings of lights.


and fire dancers freak me the hell out.


and, i have pcitures of january’s socks. because i know you’re really here for the fiber.


have i told y’all how much i love these socks?


it snowed on saturday, and my feet were warm the whole time.


love the socks. but, there’s this to contend with.


i’ve been thinking about mittens again. and i may have started a pair with what you see up there.

thanks for stopping by. thanks for reading my rant(s). and thanks to those who give to other people and places, even if they can’t really afford it.


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