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so. ahem.

yes, i’ve managed to neglect my blog for three goddamn years. not three months, which can absolutely be forgiven by random life events. but three. fracking. years. and it’s not like i’ve been doing something amazing, like hiking in the himalayan mountains, and then one of the tribes there kind of swallowed me up, and assimilated me into their culture. no. i moved out of breederville, into a house that really ought to be torn down (or blown up. yeah, i think this house should be imploded). i’ve had a fascinating short list of strange roommates (don’t let me forget to tell you about the sleepwalker who busted his ass on the basement stairs, and who would drink his coffee out of my pyrex measuring cup. he was charming) (or the perpetually drunk woman who nearly set the house ablaze with her inebriated dumbness), and i’m now in the home stretch (please gods let this be true) to buying my own tumbledown shack. which honestly, i’m looking forward to the work that owning a house will be.

but. back to missing three years.

i’ve had internet connection. and i’ve had a working computer for pretty much the whole time. except for that one week in november, where my beloved carmen-the-laptop booted her last… uh… thingy, and i had to buy a whole new computer. i’m not complaining; the new computer is great, although windows 7? really? you’re not apple, microsoft, so you really should just stop trying. mario is still here, he still snores, and now he catches mice like some kind of bizarre, ninja-dog. he doesn’t kill them, he just nabs them and escorts them outside in his mouth. i now have an honest-to-goodness boyfriend (kind of charming that my last post was about the interweb dating scene), and he has an honest-to-goodness daughter. she’s amazing.

in the last three years, i’ve lost my maternal grandfather and my mother (not like, i lost them at the fair, or anything like that). gramps died of dementia-related illness, and my mom had a heart attack while asleep on the couch just last year. my dad, for his part, has met a really nice lady and moved her into his house. she really is nice.

hm, what else? oh, i had my gallbladder removed last week. that was pretty awesome.

so. i make no promises, but i will do my bestest to be a better blogger. i like talking to the internets, even if no one is talking back. i will knit, cook, take pictures and make fun of everything. most of all, myself. because i can be… well. ‘window-licker special’ is probably the best way to describe me.

as always, thanks for stopping by.


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fact or crap?

warning – possibly boring post about the flu shot. which you should totally get.

so i got my flu shot wednesday morning. the employee clinic has walk-in hours starting at seven in the morning, so d and i were first in line. it was a fun little field trip. although, i swear the nurse stabbed me a little extra-hard, because i insisted she give me the shot in my left, rather than my right, arm. i explained i’m in a phlebotomy training program, and my best vein for the other students is in my right arm. and i’d rather not get stabbed at more than one joint per arm. she was pissy, and took revenge on my left shoulder. which still hurts like crazy.


now, i get asked the same questions about the flu shot every damn year, and so i thought i’d share my wealth of knowledge on the subject. i’m a huge fan of the flu shot – i don’t care what you do or who you are. unless you have an allergy to eggs, you should get the shot. before i talk about why, allow me to dispell the big rumors:

you can get the flu from the flu shot – baloney. the shot the nurse or whoever gives you is an inactive vaccine, made from killed virus. this is not a zombie movie; it’s not going to re-animate or make you crave brains (mmmm, brains). it’s like a study session for your white blood cells, to simplify things on a massive level.

there is a new method of vaccination that involves a spray up the snout. they usually only give it to young’uns. the spray is made from live flu virus, but massively weakened. so, it is highly unlikely that a child can get the flu from the spray. the little fact sheet i got at work actually says, and i quote, “the mist is approved for use in healthy people 2-49 years of age who are not pregnant.” it made me laugh the first time i read it, because i thought it said good for ages 2-9. and i was thinking, wow, those floozy 9-year-olds. they’ve got to learn to keep their underroos on.

heh. as i was saying…

you only need the shot if you work with sick people – absolute crappe. if you work in a school, or maybe at some large retail establishment, you should get the shot. if you come into contact with people who may or may not wash their hands, you really should get the flu shot.

when i was in college the first time around, i worked at a bookstore. and i got massively ill because some absolute crazy lady sneezed in my face. i didn’t just get her cold – oh no. i got some kind of bizarre supervirus that turned my innards to liquid. liquid that apparently needed to shoot out of any available portal, like, now. not pretty.

i’m healthy. i don’t need a stinkin’ shot – suck it. seriously. i don’t get the flu shot because i don’t want to be bothered with getting sick. i get it because i don’t want others to get sick. yes, i deal with sick people, and that makes me high risk. i don’t want to pass the virus on from some sneezing freak that can’t cover their mouth and nose, to some little old lady at the yarn store. i don’t want my awesome little grandmother getting the flu from me, even though i don’t have any symptoms.

oh, and don’t cough into your hands, folks. it’s nasty and it spreads disease. cough or sneeze into your arm. i aim for my elbow, personally.

i don’t believe in western medicine. i’ll just load up on vitamin c – okay. getting plenty of vitamins is a grand idea, and not just during cold weather. it helps your immune system, and you feel great in general. it will even help if you’re on a diet. and i love the emergen-c! stuff they sell at the grocer. good stuff. and echinacea, or however you spell it, it really good when you’ve got a cold. but kids, a cold and the flu are two different animals. and, if you load up on too much vitamin c, do you know what happens? you can give yourself diarrhea. it’s one of those things – too much will make your body do questionable things. you may not believe in western medicine, but the bugs it can prevent sure believe in you.

and, as an aside – unbuffered vitamin c, which they don’t sell a lot of, can cause you to spontaneously abort your pregnancy. the acids in vitamin c make the uterus a toxic wasteland for junior. so, if you’re knocked up, make sure any vitamin supplements you take are buffered. just saying, is all.

okay, i’m done. get the vaccine or don’t. it’s a personal choice, and you’re all individuals capable of making said choice. but don’t whine to me when your muscles ache, and even reaching for the remote control hurts.

we now return to our regular schedule of poop jokes and sock knitting. thanks for stopping by.

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