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it’s been that kind of week.

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and i know you know about cebu. they’re the masterminds of this piece of art:

i am in awe of these guys. and naturally, they are/ were big fans of michael jackson. now, say what you will about mikey, but he was talented before he was a loopy dude that lived in neverland. i’m not slapping this up to discuss michael jackson. he was the schiznit when i was in third grade, and he had that crazy 3-D video thinger in disneyland back in the day. and eventually, we’ll remember his talent over his laundry list of weird.

anyway. cebu has a final jackson dance for us:

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so, we haven’t been too busy at the lab this week. which has given us time to find silliness online. if i may recommend:

david after dentist

mom scares gay out of kid

exile (not funny, but kinda awesome)

and, nora.

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i’ve been on a bit of a superman kick recently. i partly blame this on netflix, and that watch instantly feature. i also blame this on the weather. there have been random bursts of snow/ rain/ hail/ freezing rain/ freakish sunshine/ crazy vicious wind since just before christmas, and i’m not interested in going out anywhere in that if i can avoid it at all.

anyway. superman.

superman loses shirt!

i love that, out of all the superheroes in our movies and print, superman goes against the grain. most of them are regular people, who have to change into a costume to be that hero that stands aloft, squinting into the great unknown. or whatever heroes do on the last five minutes of their shift. batman is really bruce wayne, spidey is really peter parker, blah blah blah. but superman is really superman. his disguise is clark kent, the dork in the back of the room with the huge glasses. the one who reads dickens in his solitary apartment instead of going out, or watching the news, or writing a blog or whatever. he’s really this big bag of awesome, and he stuffs himself into a suit and those enormous glasses to go panting after margot kidder.

also, it’s great that, in order to fight crime, he parts his hair differently. love that.

he's about to make you look into your own soul

yes, superman represents the warm little kernel of good that we mere mortals like to think resides somewhere in our dark little hearts. he’s such a boy scout, and i mean that in a kind way. there’s that bit in the second movie, where lois finally figures out that clark really is our boy in blue, and they take a little holiday at the ice fortress. which… okay, does anyone remember that weird bed he has? it’s like a giant silver hammock? i kinda covet such a strange thing. anyway, he changes into a mortal to have quiet time with lois, they go to a diner and super gets roughed up by that trucker, and then it’s on the news that the three criminals in bondage gear his dad imprisoned in a giant plate glass album cover have taken over the planet? and super sees that the people really need him, and he drops lois like a hot potato to go be the hero? there’s that bit at the end of the movie, where super is replacing the top of the white house, and he apologizes to the president for not being available. i mean, yeah, it’s the only thing a guy like superman can say. but dude… he should be allowed to take a week off every now and then. he’s superman. boy scout superman.

keep your fists at ten and two there, superdude

clearly, i don’t have a point in all this. other than, how much of that suit is christopher reeve? why does lois, who seems to be a smart and level-headed career girl when left to her own devices, trip over her own mortality when superman is around? has she always made such bad choices, like trying to get to a terrorist issue in the eiffel tower by sneaking onto some girders on the bottom of an elevator? and why does she take her purse with her? how many packs a day is she smoking, anyway? does he always wear that suit under his disguise suit? is it neoprene or something? is it machine washable?

dudes in electric blue spandex

much like highlander, there can be only one (i know george reeves was an awesome superman on tv. but this is my opinion here). yeah, i saw superman returns, and i didn’t care for it. none of it. i don’t know why, specifically. maybe the strange superman-as-jesus undertones? maybe it’s that what’s-his-name on the left there is simply not christoper reeve? it’s nothing personal. james bond will always be sean connery to me, and superman will always be mr reeves over there. besides, the new super is parting his hair on the wrong side. just saying.

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five points if you can guess the song the above title is humming.


i’m kinda in love with fort minor, which is fronted by the guy that did the rapping and piano stuff in linkin park. i don’t like linkin park at all, but i’m thrilled with what the dude is doing now.  in particular, i’m addicted to the song, remember the name. it’s a great song, but the audio dubbing on that video is kinda crappe.

that disc is right before pj harvey’s to bring you my love in my car’s cd changer. i’m nothing if not eclectic. seriously? one of my favorite songs of all freaking time is the dancer. it doesn’t matter how many times i hear it, i get chills.

also? i adore common. and the song i hum to myself most often is drivin’ me wild. besides, how can you not love a video that features lily allen in a spacesuit?

which is all a way of saying, i’ve been insanely busy, and have been neglecting my seven readers. take heart, my schedule will straighten out after this week is through.

until then, carry a big fish for the rude people. and, thanks for stopping by.

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yup. rockin the cerebellum here.

the other day, i decided to sign up for netflix. now, i’m totally the last person in the universe to ride the netflix bandwagon. i know this. but dudes… the watching movies instantly feature? pretty freaking sweet. i may have nerded out to an extreme factor and watched a few episodes of dr who. the newer dr who. with an intent to watch every damn dr who episode they can throw at me. that, along with all the weird horror and ‘b’ movies in my queue? it makes me wonder if i’m really a 12-year old boy.


not only did i overdose on the doctor, but i watched a terrible ’80s movie called ice pirates. has anyone else seen it? it’s just a silly load of crap. and i snickered through most of it. which is the great thing about being me. i’m usually knitting while watching anything, so even if it’s a load of trash with no plot, at least i’ve got some knitting accomplished.

however, i have discovered a new favorite piece of crazy. it’s the 30- second bunny theater. it’s the crazy. so, they re-enact entire movies in 30 seconds. the action is done by animated bunnies. truly spectacular.

and thanks for stopping by.

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i don’t watch a lot of television outside of the gym. but occasionally, i hear about a good show and decide to have a looksee. i was hooked to six feet under, oz, and carnivale at various times, and i’m lucky that the local library has been able to satiate my fix.

by the way, if i haven’t said it, those are great shows. although carnivale has a weird series ending. but apparently they didn’t know they weren’t going to be making another season. don’t let that stop you; it’s a good show.


i’ve gotten hooked to a few different shows, and i really like getting the whole season from the library and overdosing in my free time. you could say the library is my dealer of visual kook. just roll with it, okay? so, i’m spreading the love:

flight of the conchords – two musicians from new zealand move to new york city. hilarity and spontaneous music ensues. i even went and bought the soundtrack, because these guys are totally the awesome.

i subscribe to this magazine called paste, and they send you a mix cd with every issue. they are awesome, also, if you’re looking for a music/movie/ whatever magazine to fall in love with. anyway, a few issues ago they featured a conchords’ song, “ladies of the world“. now, when i first heard it, i thought they sounded just like dr theopolis. which i still think they kinda do, but just with this song. so, they had a season on HBO, and i quite liked it. i dare you not to love them.

dexter – serial killer works for miami police. you’ll love the serial killer, because he only whacks truly bad people that should get fed to a wood chipper. not that he uses a wood chipper, but i think you’re picking up what i’m putting down. okay, first, it’s got michael hall, they gay brother from six feet under. so, he’s eye candy. and the episodes are well-written. i know it’s based on the book, darkly dreaming dexter, but i’ve never read it. i was impressed with the first season, and i hear the second season is now available on dvd. so, yay for me.

boston legal – moi and i have a sparing few celebrity crushes. one of them is robert downey jr, but that goes back a long long way. another is james spader, and here he is being only slightly evil. he and the shatner are loose cannon-esque lawyers. while i enjoyed the first season, i currently have the second season, and it’s an absolute hoot. plus, candace bergen. i do love when ladies are given roles of absolute power.

deadwood – i’m pretty sure this show is no longer on the air, but the library’s river of ‘wood has certainly dried up. it’s kind of a western, and there are a lot of famous faces. personally, i love the costumes. and the bar owner, al. played by an irishman, no less. and there are guns and whores. woo!

and, that’s all i got for today. thanks for stopping by.

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